Holalola’s artwork brings design and that sense of local magic to your apartment or beach house. We have products that will make your investment even more inviting for guests to book. 

Framed Art Work for your walls:

Let your walls be yet another experience for your guests to discover in our country. We offer you an ever growing catalog of places, themes and color ways to choose from. And since all places are wonderfully different, as their host, we carry different art print sizes, papers, canvas for your project.

Wallpaper for your rooms:

Make a statement with one Holalola’s signature wallpapers. They are colorful and bold, they give instant personality to any space while sparking a conversation. 

Our country is a vast canvas for inspiration.

We partnered with San José’s most experienced wallpaper decor brand, Creative Walls for the production and professional installation of our wallpaper line. A perfect wall, guaranteed. More inquiries here.


Our pillows are the perfect detail for your sofas, beds and terrace furniture. Remember details make the most beautiful reviews.

Handcrafted one by one, using only sturdy quality Colombian Canvas with a soft cream base. Zippers and closures are meticulously sewn. Inks can tolerate sunshine, they won't fade. So they will last you for many, many guests. And they are water proof!  

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